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Ben-Alexander Bohnke, M.A.


Author, philosopher, scientist



My name is Ben-Alexander Bohnke.
I am a philosophical and scientific author.
I mainly studied philosophy, sociology and linguistics, with a university degree.

So far I have published thirteen books and have worked for magazines and broadcasters. Today I mostly publish my texts on this homepage.

My homepage

The main purpose of this homepage is to present my publications or my thoughts.
And write down new ideas on this homepage.
Of course I also hope to win readers for my books and essays.
This homepage has existed since 2011.
For a precise overview of the content, I refer to the sitemap.

Who is my homepage for?

Why should you read my homepage?
Dear reader, I mainly write about philosophy and psychology.
On the one hand on so-called "hard" topics such as scientific theory, logic, evolution theory and probability theory.

On the other hand, about "soft" topics such as psychology, psychotherapy, the art of living and the philosophy of existence.
Specific topics include B. "How do you solve problems correctly?", "The role of probability in our lives", "Quantitative logic", "What is truth?" Or "Spiritual evolution".

Continuous articles are published in two blogs, with a new entry about every two to three weeks. For current topics such as B. now I report the Corona crisis more often.

In AKTUELL you can always read what's new on the homepage.
I do not currently have a guest book, but if you are interested you can write me to my email address.



But especially if you are interested in a holistic, interdisciplinary knowledge, then you have come to the right place.

I also write about many specific individual topics. But the focus and background of my work is always the reality as a whole.
Of course, many today claim to spread holistic knowledge. However, my approach is to write clearly and comprehensibly about wholeness, especially with reference to system theory and polarity theory.

System theory captures reality as a system (s). Systems are holistic structures, from the atomic system to ecosystems, social and psychological systems to planetary and star systems.

The polarity theory captures reality in polar opposites. Polarities such as B. "mental - physical" or "natural - artificial" are opposed to each other, but together form a whole. The polarity approach can be found in old wisdom teachings such as Taoism (e.g. polarity of Yin and Yang) as well as in modern scientific theories (e.g. the complementarity of particles and waves in physics).

Integral knowledge

I call my approach "INTEGRAL", ie "integral knowledge", "integral logic", "integral philosophy", "integral science" etc.

Integral means something like holistic, but has not yet been used up as a term.

It is about integrating knowledge from different areas of knowledge or science, forming it into a whole.

I am of course aware that Ken Wilber also uses the term "integral" for his theory. But I have an integral independent of Ken Wilber and m. W. also elected before him.

A central concept in my approach is the META WHOLE, a whole that encompasses all aspects of a system and all sides of a polarity.

Generally understandable and scientific

Part of my work is specialist literature and is therefore primarily suitable for specialists (e.g. professional philosophers). However, other works are popular-scientific and therefore understandable for any interested reader. Some texts are also written in a relaxed, light and funny way.

I primarily deal with topics such as: B. Knowledge, evolution, logic, science, but also therapy, spirituality and health or politics and business.
However, I only occasionally publish political texts because ideological, not scientific, aspects play a major role in them. I have written a political blog (under alias names) over several years, where I did not pursue a strictly scientific approach.

I also write fictional, poetic and satirical texts - but they are not currently on the homepage; I mainly published them in online literature forums, also under alias. However, I have tentatively put the first satirical texts on this website since February 2016.

Author's own thoughts

A lot of work has come together over the years. But I am not a prolific writer or high-speed writer, I took a lot of time for most of the texts. Quality is important to me than quantity.


The ideas and beliefs shown here are my own. Of course, I have read and evaluated many (hundreds, even thousands) of texts by other authors for my homepage - and I refer to them where necessary.

But here I only report secondarily about the thoughts of other scientists and philosophers, rather they are primarily conceived, reflected, researched, possibly formalized facts or theories.

Home text originally from 2011, new on July 25, 2020